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Fundraising made simple

Great offerings

We offer a variety of coffee, teas, and hot chocolate.

Fast Profit

Our fundraising partners keep $5 dollars per sale.


No minumums, no hidden fees, its just that easy!

  • How can I get a job at Coffee Mania?
    Fill out an application HERE and hand it into any one of our locations.
  • I have an issue. Who can I talk to?
    Its our goal to make every situation right. If you have gripes and rumbles please contact us HERE. We will be in contact as soon as possible.
  • Can I combine my punch cards?
    Yes! Of course you can!
  • What flavor should I get?
    We know it can be tricky to decide on a new flavor when you get bored. Click HERE to see a full list of flavor combinations that we offer. We hope that provides some inspiration!
  • I hear you have a secret facebook group, how can I join?!"
    Click HERE and ask to join!
  • I would like to request a donation, how can I do that?"
    Please shoot us an email HERE and we will be in contact as soon a possible. Thank you! Note: We only donate to not for profit organizations.
  • Where can I find your coffee?
    We have a handfull of awesome wholesale customers around Central New York. Click HERE to see a full map!
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Thank you! We will be in touch!

Fundraisng Conact
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