Since we can't slurp coffee together, we're bringing the tasting to you! Taste a variety of coffees and discover your favorites, all from the comfort of your own home! Coffee has over 1000 flavor and aroma compounds, which are impacted by the origin, cultivation and processing methods, as well as the roast and brew methods.  By slowing down and intentionally tasting our coffee, we develop a language for what we are tasting and become more aware of the types of coffee we enjoy. 


This custom kit includes two cupping bowls and one engraved cupping spoon, plus a tasting chart, flavor wheel, and your first samples. Once you have your kit, you can follow along with our YouTube videos and cup *with* us virtually.  After you've bought your first kit, all you'll need to do to continue cupping is buy the next set of samples and watch the next YouTube cupping session. We'll label everything so you're cupping the right coffees with the right videos. 


This will be a "blind" tasting, so you'll find out which cofees you are sampling at the end of our session, when I'll share my cupping notes with you. 


When you are ready to taste along, click here for our first cupping! 


*Make sure to watch this video prior to our first cupping to ensure you're set up for success!

Virtual Cupping Kit


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