Sometimes we like to have a little fun with our coffee beans here at the Roastery, and we are happy to offer the fruits of our most recent science experiment for your enjoyment!


    We obtained a barrel that once contained some fine bourbon, put a bunch of green coffee beans inside, and aged them long enough to impart the fantastic essence of some sweet Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey.


    It turned out pretty fantastic. Not so subtile notes of butterscotch, candy apple, vanilla, and clover honey dominate the cup. This is followed up by the essence of smooth mulled cider, toasted cocoa, red wine and cherry. And of course bourbon. It tastes like bourbon.


    With cream added, this one tastes like straight-up Irish coffee. Pull some shots of this on your espresso machine, pour them over Vanilla ice cream, and you are absolutely loving life.


    All that being said, this coffee is not for everyone, and we have super-limited quantities of this batch available. Grab some while it’s hot if you dare!

Bourbon barrel aged Colombian Supremo

SKU: 758932
Ground or Whole Bean

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