Coffee Faq


At Coffee Mania we have just a few rules that we always try to follow.

  • Be nice! We value excellent customer service and practice it on a daily basis. To us that means greeting every customer with a warm smile and a friendly heart.
  • Make excellent drinks! Every drink that we pass from our hands to yours is made with the best ingredients, and is crafted with skill and care. Quality coffee is our passion!
  • Do it fast! We know you are in a hurry, and we want you to get where you're going fast. Our baristas will make your drinks as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality or friendliness.
  • Our mission statement: To make the best damn coffee that money can buy with love in our hearts and smiles on our faces.

What’s taking so long in there?

Well, every drink on our menu is hand made to order. Great espresso shots take time to extract, that’s a part of the process we just can’t speed up. Quality is supremely important to us. We really are working as fast as possible!

What is espresso?

“Espresso” is really just a method to brew coffee. We use a machine that forces water at high pressure through a precisely measured amount of coffee at a specific temperature for a specified time. There is some very complex science behind every shot of espresso that we make.

So, really, what is espresso?

Ok. So our espresso roast is a combination of several different types of coffee beans from various parts of the world blended to compliment our yummy drinks like the lattes and mochas and roasted dark.

But isn't espresso bitter and strong?

Properly prepared espresso is intense and should “tell a story” about the coffee beans used to make it. It should never be burnt tasting or watery or bitter. There is no doubt it’s strong, but it should be good!

What are all those funky drinks on your menu?

You can look right here to see a detailed description of our drinks menu!

Why don't you carry food?

We do at Origins Café!

When are you guys going to open another location in “______________”?

To us, these coffee shops are almost like our children, they need to be taken care of and nurtured, so if we do open another location someday it won’t be without much thought and planning and care. Believe it or not, these little shops are a huge amount of work for us, and we live, breathe, and speak coffee about 18 hours a day, seven days a week. We want to open a shop next door to your office, but that may not happen!

How do you get such great people to work there?

We know how lucky we are to have such great people! When someone applies to work at Coffee Mania, we look for a smile and a genuine warmth, as well as a strong work ethic and a generally awesome attitude. If they happen to have coffee-related skills, well, that’s good too! If you think you have what it takes to work at Coffee Mania, click here to download an application.

You guys do so much for the community, how do I make a request for a donation?

If you are interested in a donation please fill out our Donation Request Form

I hear you have a Coffee Mania Facebook group - how do I join?

Click here and ask to join!